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An ancient path to becoming a Woman of Power.

We have an extraordinary opportunity to heal our personal and family wounds, and to dream a New World into being for ourselves and our children's children.  We can do so by journeying through the Medicine Wheel of the Q'ero people. 

The Q'ero shamans of the Peruvian Andes Mountains have given permission for their ancient teachings to be shared with the modern world. They've done this so that we may understand what we are truly capable of as human beings and bring healing & harmony to our world.  As mothers we have an especially incredible power to simultaneously heal the past, present, and future during pregnancy and throughout our journeys of motherhood as we raise our children more consciously.  Each one of us also has a deep connection with the Great Mother, herself: Pachamama... our Mother Earth.  With this connection comes the power to heal Her as we heal ourselves and the collective wounds associated with motherhood that we may have inherited. As we heal personal and family wounds like the "martyr mom," as we learn to more deeply commune with our feminine nature, and as we learn to more sustainably bring nourishment to ourselves, our children, and our partners... we bring energetic healing toward a more sustainable planet. 

There are 4 Cardinal directions in the Medicine Wheel; each is represented by a Power Animal- an archetypal force to help us on our journey of rapid transformation, of health, of wealth, of conscious co-creation, and of deep-felt love.  

Clearing of our past

The South Direction: the way of Serpent.  The Serpent of the South direction teaches us to make an act of Power and shed our painful histories, patterns, and limiting beliefs... ALL at once just as the serpent sheds her skin.  We've long been informed by Western psychology that we are our past wounds and traumas; that we are the way we are because of our parents and families.  You can spend a lifetime picking away at wounds scale-by-scale. Or you can instead experience an exquisite new way of being, like the serpent, with a soft, pink underbelly on the Earth bringing beauty to all you touch in your family life, and career. 

The West Direction: the way of Jaguar.  The Jaguar of the West direction gives us the quality to FEARLESSLY go into the shadows of our personal & ancestral psyches, and our energetically inherited patterns just as she hunts & tracks through the darkest places in the jungle.  She gifts us courage because she knows the truth of our being- that we are greater than the shadow and cannot be defeated by it.  Jaguar is the warrior without enemies and teaches us to allow that which is ready to die to pass away- so that we may leap into a new beginning.  As mothers, this means breaking cycles that have been passed down and stepping into new realities and creative solutions as we parent and create our other life endeavors. 

Cultivation of our present & future

The North Direction: the way of Hummingbird. The Hummingbird of the North direction shows us how to actually embark on the epic journey of our new life as more conscious mothers.  She is a tiny thing seemingly not built for flight, yet, makes incredible journeys from North America to Central America.  She does not worry about where she'll find the next sweet flower full of nectar. She shows us to cultivate faith by sourcing our being with wisdom & love, not those painful histories we've shed in the South and West.  She finds stillness even in flight despite what is happening around her. She encourages us to ask: what are we ready to create in joy & abundance for ourselves, and with our partners as conscious parents desiring to gift our children the joyful experience that life can be?

The East Direction: the way of Eagle.  The Eagle of the East direction gifts us the way of a great Visionary. She can fly up to 20,000 feet in altitude seeing the curvature of the Earth... the big picture, and yet she can spot a rabbit from a distance of 2 miles away- observing the finest of details.  Eagle shows us how to step into our ability to bring new ways of being into form as we align wingtip to wingtip with Great Spirit as co-creators.  This is where we truly begin to build our futures and a world we desire for our children & children's children. 

Are you ready to...

make the journey?  Are you ready to embody what it means to be a
Pachamommy: a conscious co-creator dreaming a new world into
being for herself, her family, her children's children and the Earth, itself?

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