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Online Non-Linear Movement Method ® Classes

​The Non-Linear Movement Method ® is a powerful trauma-informed somatic modality that benefits practitioners in:

  • Releasing old programming in the Body-Heart-Mind

  • Unfreezing the body from intense physical & emotional experiences

  • Regulating the nervous system, and

  • Awakening vitality & erotic energy

As an embodiment practice it gently unwinds the body, helping it return to its natural state of well-being. It is practiced on a mat or blanket, and practitioners dress as they would a yoga or dance class (in comfortable, non-restrictive clothing).

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Revive Your Thrive:
Coaching Program

This is an intimate coaching program designed to jumpstart you into a life-long enjoyment of vitality.  We will use the power of genomic and epigenetic lifestyle driven programming as well as powerful embodiment practices & energy medicine to tackle things like fatigue, anxiety, poor sleep, brain fog, and low libido. You will feel shifts deep in your being to make transformation stick and changes on the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional levels will come with greater ease.

Most importantly, you'll receive powerful tools for life long health, vitality, and well-being to emerge.

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Energy Medicine Sessions
(Online & In Person)

Energy medicine sessions work on the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) to clear imprints of dis-ease and change your experience of, and relationship to, a particular presenting issue- promoting deep healing, transformation, and manifestation.


A primary intake call is always free and a single energy session includes integration recommendations.

You can book a single session, or a monthly membership which includes free drop-in NLMM classes for a powerful manifestation combination!



We have a wide range of energy medicine and services to offer at all price points- including some healing services in which proceeds are 100% donated to support grieving mothers & families who have lost their infants.  We are passionate about the gift that Motherhood is and we strive to make sustainable motherhood as accessible as possible. 


When our mothers are well resourced, their presence is amplified as a gift of light... for their children, their loved ones, and all other creations they endeavor to manifest.

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