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Image by Omar Lopez

Your Vitality Blueprint

Every woman's body & mind is unique.

Your vitality blueprint helps you get clear on what the path to feeling better fast looks like for YOU. 

How it Works:

It's simple, mama.




Perinatal challenges or those in established motherhood are multi-factorial.  But they're simply a sign of a body-mind system that's out of balance.  Pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period are an especially sensitive, yet powerful time to return to balance.




Like shining a light on a mysterious shadow, you can bring clarity to something that doesn't need to feel so scary with genetic testing (a painless nose swab), or other evidence based approaches. This gives precise, simple, and effective lifestyle actions to bring balance to your unique system & being- a field of science called "epigenetics."


Whole-Person Approach

In addition to tending to your body's unique needs, we resource you with powerful tools to ease your mind & nervous system. These are built for BUSY moms who have less time than ever for self-care. AND we nourish you in a soul-filled community that sees your wholeness... and helps you see it too.




This leaves you empowered to cultivate a deep inner peace & happiness at a time in life that it matters most. No more- missing precious moments, mama.  You can reclaim your life, craft it with intentionality, and feel your whole-self again.

Ready to claim your wellness, and discover new joy?

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