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Your Guide to Sustainable Motherhood

A foundational path to a more sustainable way of "doing it all"... motherhood, the career, intimacy with your partner, passion projects. Oh my!  This guide includes all our favorite and most nourishing self-care practices for the body-mind and Spirit to optimize your Luminous Energy Field.  It's sure to make a measurable difference in showing up fully for yourself and the things you love (read more about what's included, below).

Girl Relaxing

Through engaging in the practices, you'll have a solid foundation to transforming your energy field and experience of motherhood.  So many mothers are effort-ing to hold it all together for themselves and their families while trying to juggle parenting, their careers, marriage or partnership, and personal projects more consciously.  When you are well resourced through a healthy body-mind and Spirit everything you endeavor to accomplish gets done with ease.


We will walk you through some of the most effective self-care principles and our favorite tech tools to give you objective biofeedback on caring for the physical body. It will also walk you through gentle energetic maintenance exercises (to clean up your Luminous Energy Field or energy body) so you can begin sourcing your passion for family, projects, and professional life from your Life Force.  You'll learn easy (and non-denominational) ceremonies to alchemize stagnant energy and rituals to honor your ancestors & heal the Earth.  Unsustainable motherhood has been passed down through generations through patterns like "martyr mom" and the collective female pain body.  When you work at the level of Energy and Spirit you surrender to a greater power to accomplish all you desire instead of by your personal efforts, alone.  The Universe in its infinite Love is truly conspiring to help you care for that which you love, and give you everything you desire- we just have to work in rhythm with it by caring for ourselves as the precious vessel it works through. 

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