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Energy Medicine 

Have you ever noticed that some patterns or circumstances are just tough to change?  Energy medicine is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that facilitates deeper healing when things feel stuck.  In a session I utilize my training as a certified Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine to clear energetic imprints of stubborn or intergenerational patterns, belief systems, behaviors, health circumstances, and dis-ease.  I combine this with my knowledge of neuroscience, biology, trauma-informed somatic modalities, and the complex human system to provide integration tools to make healing and transformation stick... always with warm presence and loving compassion.  While a powerful complement to your healthcare approach, it is not a substitute for therapy or medical assistance. 

Whether in person or online, our session together will always be conducted in a sacred space that is a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment. 
Flower in Sunlight

Are you on a mission to craft a thriving life for you and your family?

Combine the magic of regular energy work with consistent embodiment sessions and the collective intelligence of like-minded mama's for a powerful conscious manifestation practice that grows in real time.

Membership includes a quarterly energy medicine session (1 every 3 months), unlimited Non-Linear Movement classes, a weekly group themed call, an online community, and monthly integration tools for just $100 a month. Click the button below to subscribe and we'll get your first session booked, and send info on what's next!

Re-member your wholeness.

Re-cognize your nature.

Re-vive your thrive.


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