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Flower in Sunlight

Revive Your Thrive

Vitality is Your Birthright!

Get Embodied with Non-Linear Movement Classes

Not quite yoga or dance, and always filled with richness.  Tap into the genius of your body with online Non-Linear Movement Method® classes, and:
  • Release tension
  • Process emotional blocks
  • Awaken pleasure & vitality 
  • Call in your manifestations & new ways of being
Energy Medicine

Create Deeper Change with Energy Medicine

Some wounds or patterns are deeper than a "mindset shift" can address.  Energy medicine can facilitate the healing and transformation of stubborn patterns, emotions, beliefs, behaviors, and thought processes... enabling you to embody greater levels of joy, prosperity, love, authenticity, and vitality.
Flower in Sunlight

Transform Your Health &
Revive Your Thrive with Coaching

It's not too late- you can still have the health, vitality, and passion you desire in life!  Transform fatigue, anxiety, poor sleep, brain fog, tension, or low libido into the source of your well-being using the wisdom of epigenetics, embodiment, and energy medicine.


My name is Sidney.

I am a mommy, wife, scientist, and mystic who has always been fascinated by the mystery of Life.  It's my life's work to help women recover their vitality with precision epigenetics, embodiment, and energy medicine. Tapping into the wisdom of your body can promote transformation and the revival of your natural state of well-being!


Every body is unique, and the best teacher for your thriving is the natural genius held within the vessel that is yours.  Let's unlock your embodied potential!


Reconnect with your body, take charge
of your health, and live authentically with the power of...










Energy Medicine

Women Holding Hands



Flower in Sunlight

Re-member your wholeness.

Re-cognize your nature.

Re-vive your thrive.


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