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Image by Amy Humphries

About Sidney

Hi! I'm Sidney!

I'm a mom & a mystic who has always been fascinated by the mystery of Life.

After a heart-breaking family loss I half-heartedly finished my Master's in
Biochemistry and left the academic world to work 
in biotechnology sales for several
years.  I had a solid "plan" to create thriving for my life, (like most 
of us do!) 

but Life had quite another (greater) plan for me...


My husband and I wound up meeting challenging times early in our marriage, I struggled with depression, a business failure & debt, and quite the existential crisis-all with a smile on my face, masking the pain. The birth of both my daughters catapulted my spiritual journey, and each was its own initiation into deeper levels of my being.  I was lovingly guided down a path of feminine embodiment, surrender, precision well-care, and the energy medicine of the Q'ero shamans of the High Andes as transmitted by the Four Winds Society.  On my journey to thriving I learned much about personal, ancestral, and collective healing.  I've honored my ancestors, healed generational wounds, optimized my health with the power of precision, and become deeply connected with our great mother- Mother Earth. 


Motherhood has awakened me to profound levels of love with my husband and children... and to the magic that we are as divine co-creators.  I am fascinated by human development, spiritual traditions, health, and neuroscience- especially with how we can heal the past, present, and future by relating in new ways to ourselves and our children.  It's my life's work to help other women to awaken to their power & authenticity so that we can thrive and dream a new world into being for our children & children's children.

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