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Reclaim the happiness you've lost.
Discover the joy that's new.

Hi, Mama!

No mother, baby, or family should have to miss the moments that matter most.

You can break free from the grips of postpartum depression and other maternal mental health challenges, holistically.

Watch: Feel Better Fast Mini Course
Image by Sai De Silva

Your Vitality Blueprint

The path to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being is simple.

1. Book a Free Clarity Consult

You're guaranteed to receive clarity, hope, and

resources to freedom.

2. Send in your DNA sample

It's pain free and only

takes 30 seconds!

3. Implement Small Changes and Feel Better Fast

Moms have the least
time of all to put into self-care. 
We keep it simple & effective.

Our Care Pledge

We promise:


To Empower: We're here to serve your unique journey.


To Simplify: We keep your blueprint actionable and effective- you're busy enough, mama.



To be Kind: You will be treated with compassion. ALL of you is welcome here (especially those big, challenging feelings).

To be Flexible: We fit into your existing care plan, easily.

Image by Austin Wade

Ready to embody the clear, calm, confident and fiercely loving family leader you were born to be?

Watch: Feel Better Fast Mini Course

Hey, mama!

I'm so excited!  That you made it here, now.

Because vitality is your birthright!  My name is Sidney, and my mission is to guide & resource you in reclaiming your body, energy, and LIFE so that you can live healthier, more joyfully, and with greater passion for the things you love... even after (and ESPECIALLY with) children. 

Sidney Olivia Garcia

Busy Mamas: Get Embodied with
Non-Linear Movement Classes

We know what it feels like to be stuck in your own head and not feel like yourself.

Join us for a Saturday embodiment class to drop into the heart & come home to your body. Non-linear Movement classes are where mindfulness meets efficiency & fun!  The ultimate kind of self-care for mama.

Image by Conscious Design
Image by Olga Thelavart

Re-member your wholeness.

Re-cognize your nature.

Re-vive your thrive.


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